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In this article, we will dive a little deeper into magnetic drive pumps and when they are useful.

Let’s take a look at some background information along with advantages and common applications of this type of pump. The team at ESP can help answer any of your questions and decide whether or not this is the correct choice for your specific situation. Contact our team today to discuss your goals and design a custom plan that meets all of your needs.


A magnetic drive pump gets its name from the type of coupling that is used to transfer torque from the motor which makes the pump turn. It uses a magnetic field to do this instead of using a physical mechanical connection like you would see in a more standard pump design. A simple explanation is that a magnet on the motor side is forcing a second magnet on the pump side to turn with it. This ultimately turns the pump and moves the fluid.

This particular industrial pump design is most commonly found in liquid pumps and propeller systems. This is due to the fact that the magnetic drive design allows for a physical barrier between the two shafts. The physical barrier is what stops the fluid from entering the motor which needs to operate in air.

Magnetic drive pumps are also useful in other scenarios. One example being with systems that require precision alignment. This makes the precision systems easier to maintain because there is a larger axis error between the drive shaft and the motor.

As you can see, this pump design has a few specific cases in which they really come in handy. Let’s take a closer look at some specific industries and applications that use magnetic drive setups.


Here are just a handful of the many industries and applications where magnetic drive pumps can be found.


When used in underwater vehicles, a magnetic coupling is used to transfer torque from an electric motor to a propeller that ultimately moves the vehicle through the water. This is extremely useful in this case because the electric motor cannot be exposed to water and the magnetic drive allows for a barrier that protects the motor.


Similar to the under water vehicle, there is a physical barrier when using magnetic drive aquarium pumps as well. In this case the aquarium wall acts as the physical barrier to separate the water and the motor. The motor will reside on the dry side, outside of the aquarium, and the pump will be submerged in the water on the other side of the wall. In most cases, a driving magnet will be on the dry side with the motor and a driven magnet will be in the water with the propeller.


Magnetic drive pumps are also a crucial element of solar equipment operations such as thermal heating systems. This type of pump performs very well in this type of scenario because it is able to withstand harsh conditions and as mentioned previously, can be submerged in water.


As you know, water treatment is a critical operation that we all need in our ever day lives. It is important to have the correct equipment for these applications. In this case, we are talking about these magnetic drive pumps. Not only are they useful because they can be submerged in water, but they can also be designed to stand up against corrosive chemicals and acids that are used to treat the water.


Another type of water treatment is reverse osmosis. This is a common practice used to filter impurities and chemicals from water to make it taste better. Magnetic drive pumps are needed for this process to pressurize the system. This allows the chemicals and impurities to be properly and safely removed from the water.


This is another area you can find many magnetic drive pumps. When producing things such as petroleum products, this equipment is a basic requirement. There are many liquids that need transported from one place to another many of which are also corrosive.


Some advantages of these industrial pumps include reliability, cost effectiveness, corrosion resistant capable, versatility, and ruggedness in harsh conditions. So as you can see they can be used in many different industries and applications.


Now that you have a little more information on magnetic drive pumps, it will be a little easier to decide whether or not they will fit your application.

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