Vertical turbine pumps are mostly used to pump water from deep pits or wells to some sort of water distribution system

Vertical turbine pumps are comprised of a motor, discharge head, one or more flanged columns to house the shaft, and one or more bowls (or stages). It’s also recommended that a basket strainer is installed on the last bowl to prevent large solids from entering the pump.


Vertical turbine pumps can be found in a wide range of agricultural, municipal, and industrial applications. They are generally meant for clean water applications that require high pressure and high head. They are most commonly used to pump out of deep pits or wells.


Vertical turbine pumps have a small footprint, and there are no priming issues (as long as  minimum water level requirements are met) due to the impellers being submerged in fluid. They are easily customized, and are highly efficient on high head, low flow applications.


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