Until 2008, low pressure blowers used lobe or “Roots” compression technology to produce air for use in a variety of industries. While the principle of the positive displacement blower was cutting-edge when it was discovered by the Roots brothers in 1854, there have been only minor efficiency improvements over the 150+ years since its introduction.

How does a Roots blower work?

A lobe or “Roots” blower is a valve-less displacement compressor without internal compression. Air enters the compression chamber and the volume of the air remains constant as the identical rotors rotate in the chamber. The volume of the compression chamber decreases with continued rotation and compression occurs externally against full counter-pressure due to the incoming air from the connected pipeline.

External compression results in low efficiency and high noise levels, which relegates the use of lobe technology to very low pressure applications and compression in a single stage, even if two- or three-stage versions were available.

Why use screw technology?

The screw blower utilizes the screw compression element, consisting of male and female rotors that rotate in opposite directions while the volume between the rotors and the housing decreases. Each screw element has a fixed, built-in pressure ratio and has no mechanical forces that cause unbalance. This means the screw technology can work at a high shaft speed and can combine a large flow rate with small exterior dimensions.

Kaeser™ Sigma Screw Blowers

Kaeser screw blowers  use up to 35 percent less energy than conventional rotary blowers and even achieve significant energy savings compared to currently available screw blowers.

When energy consumption represents over 70% of the lifetime cost of a blower, reducing energy use by 35 percent can make a huge difference in your operation. Additionally, the Sigma 2 integrated controller can monitor your operation 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and the integrated noise enclosure with internal baffling eliminates the need for noise insulated rooms or doors.

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Additional Content credit: Paul Humphreys / Apr 18, 2013