When it comes to fluid transfer and choosing the right pump for the job, Engineered Systems & Products is here to provide value and support in every scenario. For over 35 years, ESP has been providing top notch sales and service for all of your pump needs. We are committed, along with our partners like Ebara and PCM, to delivering premium reliable and energy efficient pumps for almost any application. You will have a wide range of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps to choose from. Not only will you receive top of the line products, ESP also backs these products with unmatched service and installations.

One of these popular pump types falls in the corrosion resistant category. These are required for special situations, which we will discuss in further detail.

Here is some background information along with advantages and common applications of this type of pump. The team at ESP can help you decide whether or not this is the correct choice for your specific situation and answer any questions that you have. Contact our team today to discuss your goals and design a custom plan to meet your needs.


You may be asking yourself, why would I need this type of industrial pump? It is an important question to ask because there are certain cases where a standard pump will just not cut it. If you choose to use a pump that is not specifically constructed for your scenario, you will be facing problems down the road that will have a negative effect on your business and potentially create a hazardous environment as well.

Corrosion resistant pumps are designed to transfer chemicals, solvents, and other corrosive liquids. They are constructed with special materials that are able to stand up against the harsh environment that these corrosive fluids create.

These industrial pumps can be found in many different style but they are relativity cost affective, reliable, and safe which are all great benefits for you as the consumer.


There are numerous applications for corrosion resistant pumps. Listed below are some of the operations that commonly use this type of pump just to name a few. There are countless more industries where these products are used.

If you have any specific questions on whether or not you need a corrosion resistant pump, ESP will be happy to help. It is also important to remember that the entire system will need to be setup for corrosion resistance. The system will only be as strong as the weakest link. If your pumps are setup to handle these harsh materials but piping, hoses, and gaskets are not then you will be in trouble.


We all know that acid can really do some damage to metals and other materials. Some are much harsher than others depending on the strength and concentration of the acid. It is very important to have a corrosion resistant pump constructed of the correct materials in this situation. If you are not prepared to handle these fluids you will be facing damage and other problems within your operations.


This scenario may be a bit more obvious than some of the others. There are many chemicals that can corrode and eat away at certain metals and other materials that make up standard pumps parts and piping systems. This is a perfect example when a corrosion resistant pump is needed to transfer the corrosive and abrasive chemicals that you use in your operations. Also, the harshness of your chemicals will influence the style of pump and parts that are required.


Here is another great example use of corrosion resistant pumps. Industrial cleaning usually involves some type of chemical or other additives mixed into the water. This may be easily overlooked because you think you will just be spraying water. However, it is important to remember the chemicals and additives can cause damage if your equipment is not designed correctly.


Seawater is another scenario that will require corrosion resistant pumps. The concentration of salt in the water can corrode and cause damage to regular pump designs.


Wastewater systems commonly use corrosion resistant pumps due to the type of material that is being transferred. A standard pump setup would not work very well in this scenario. The pumps will have to be designed to handle the harsh environment and transfer fluids in a safe and efficient manner.


This style of pump is very popular within the agricultural industry. For example, they are great for simple and safe transfer of chemicals for drums into other tanks or equipment.


Corrosion resistant pumps are also great for aquarium settings. Certain styles can be submerged in water and are able to handle maintenance chemicals that are added to the water.


In short, depending on the type of fluid you are moving, you may need to have corrosion resistant parts in place. If your system is not prepared to handle some of these harsh chemicals and other fluids, you may experience damage to your equipment and operations. Don’t worry though, Engineered Systems & Products is here to help you decide whether or not corrosion resistant pumps are something you need for your specific application. We team up with manufacturing partners such as Peerless Pump, Ebara, PCM, and other companies that share our vision of offering the highest quality products and the most competitive pricing. You can be confident that your new equipment is going to be the best option for you, operate efficiently, and ultimately add to your company’s bottom line. These top of the line products are of course backed by the ESP dedication to service that will not let you down. Our experienced service team is ready to solve any problem that you may be experiencing and develop a solution. Whether that means simply troubleshooting or designing a complete custom installation plan for your operations. We are here to serve you!

Contact the team at ESP today to discuss how industrial corrosion resistant pumps can meet your fluid transfer needs. We would also be happy to answer any questions that you may have.